What happens when you merge survey and email marketing activities on the Real Magnet platform? You not only eliminate the manual processes required to keep those activities in synch, but also gain the ability to distribute your surveys, polls, and questionnaires to the widest possible audience thanks to our powerful deliverability and email/social marketing capabilities.

Intuitive Survey Builder.

Create effective surveys with ease.

Like everything Real Magnet, you’ll find the creation of survey and polling questions a frictionless experience. And with scores of question types, advanced features like conditional logic, group registration, and discount rules, as well as full branding capabilities, you’ll be fully equipped to launch satisfaction surveys, evaluation surveys, registration forms, interactive polls, and more.

In-Depth Insights and Analyses.

Get all the data you want, any way you want it.

Illuminate and inform sales, marketing, and other decisions by tracking survey responses in real- time with the same analytics interface you use for Real Magnet’s email tracking. Understand at a glance what the data is saying with visual representations of responses to each question, and see who’s answering which questions which way by following links to detail tables. Want to slice and dice the data in different ways? Use filters to generate alternate views of survey results. It’s all the data and insight you need, in any format you need.